Antler Velvet Extract

Order AntlerX Antler velvet extract refers to ground up deer antler velvet that is extracted from male deer before their antlers are full calcified. The antlers are cut off from the deer in a humane manner so no harm is caused to the animal. The velvet extract is separated from the calcified bone and then the velvet itself is dried and ground up into powder form and frozen for use as a supplement.
Uses of Antler Velvet Extract

The Chinese first used deer antler velvet extract approximately 2,000 years ago. In fact, deer velvet extract was one of the most widely used substances in Chinese medicine. It was used to treat a variety of health problems including digestive issues, sexual dysfunction, common sicknesses like the cold and flu, and to treat joint inflammation.

While the Chinese and other cultures in Southeast Asia have been using deer velvet extract for centuries, deer velvet extract has only made an appearance in western markets over the past two decades. It has grown extremely popular, much in part due to news stories about its use by professional athletes to increase their athletic performance and endurance.

Antler Velvet Extract and Bodybuilding

The most common use for antler velvet extract is for bodybuilding or athletic purposes. The reason for this is because antler velvet extract naturally increases the body's production of a hormone called insulin growth-like factor 1 (IGF-1). IGF-1 is one of the main hormones that influences the growth and development of the body, along with its' counterpart human growth hormone (HGH). Both IGF-1 and HGH are closely tied together and as our levels of IGF-1 increase, so do our HGH levels.

IGF-1 has two main bodybuilding benefits. First, IGF-1 helps increase the rate at which our muscle cells divide. This means that our entire muscles will contain more muscle strands, which is beneficial for muscle growth. Second, IGF-1 helps to increase the size of each individual muscle strand, which helps increase the strength of the muscles. In other words, higher IGF-1 levels will help you increase your strength and muscle mass at a much faster rate.

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IGF-1 also does facilitate the transportation of nutrients into your muscle cells as well. After a workout, your muscle fibers are actually torn, which means they need nutrients to heal and grow. This rebuilding process is what causes actual muscle growth. IGF-1 helps transport more nutrients into your muscle cells, which means your muscles can heal and grow much faster as well.

Antler Velvet Extract and Anti-Aging

DeerAntler velvet extract can also be used for anti-aging purposes as well. Deer velvet contains two powerful anti-aging substances called chondroitin and glucosamine. Both of these substances have been proven to reduce joint inflammation and increase the bones' absorption of calcium, which leads to stronger, healthier joints and bones.

Second, researchers have found that deer velvet can effectively improve overall brain function, including both long and short-term memory, as well as focus/concentration. These are two common problems associated with aging and the use of deer velvet can slow down the process of aging and even reverse the effects in some cases.

Deer Velvet Supplements

If you desire any of these benefits then you should consider buying a deer velvet extract supplement. The best way to see results faster is by using a deer velvet extract spray. Deer velvet oral sprays are taken directly under the tongue, which allows the deer velvet to be absorbed faster. This leads to much faster results.

If you want a deer antler spray that really works, then you need AntlerX. AntlerX contains 100 milligrams of deer velvet extract in every serving. That's four times the average amount of deer velvet compared to other deer velvet sprays. Plus, with additional anti-aging and bodybuilding vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances, you can be assured you will see results faster without any side effects!

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