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Order AntlerX If you are like most athletes, you put your time in at the gym. Arms and back one day, chest on the next, throw in a leg workout, maybe some cardio and you have a pretty complete workout. You're serious about getting bigger, leaner and more toned and your intensity shows that. You're staying in shape, but you're probably not gaining as much size and muscle as you'd really like, it is a slow process. Even with proper diet, rest and nutrition, results probably don't come as fast as you would like.

When you look at the effort you put in, are you getting all the results from your workout that you want?

Odds are, you're not.

The ability of the human body to transform athletic work and training into new muscle and fitness results is limited by many factors. Rest, nutrition and diet are the most common limiting factors, but we must also deal with the limitation of how much new muscle our body can produce in response to a workout. For example, working out 24 straight hours would have no benefit. The body can't recover fast enough or produce enough muscular gain beyond a certain point, the rest of the effort beyond that point is wasted, and can even be detrimental to size and strength gains.

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So how do you expand your body's capacity to gain more results and more muscle from the same effort? The answer may surprise you. While the positive effects of human growth hormone (HGH) are becoming well-known, it is a close hormone "cousin" of HGH that is lesser-known but may have even greater effects; IGF-1.

IGF-1 stands for Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1. It is a close "hormone cousin" to our body's own human growth hormone. While human growth hormone (HGH) is produced by the pituitary gland, IGF-1 is produced by the liver in response. When HGH levels rise, they trigger rises in IGF-1 levels too. Like HGH, IGF-1 can stimulate maximum protein synthesis and growth in human muscle tissue, making it an extremely beneficial addition to an athlete's training regimen. Unlike HGH, it can remain in the bloodstream for much longer, enhancing its muscle-building effects over a longer time period and to a greater effect. If you are serious about maximizing muscle growth, you need to maximize your IGF-1 levels. To do that without using dangerous synthetic steroids or drugs, we went to the best source of IGF-1 in nature, New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet.

AntlerX is an exciting new supplement that contains the highest concentration of premium antler velvet, harvested at the exact time when it is the most nutrient dense and beneficial to you! Our deer antler velvet comes from the strongest domesticated herd of New Zealand Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) , bred for the past seventy years for their superior genetics and resistance to the wasting diseases that plague lesser deer and elk herds. New Zealand Red Deer are very valuable and prized for a specific characteristic unique in nature; their antler velvet.

What is Deer Antler Velvet

DeerAntler velvet is the unique soft substance that grows on newly forming antlers in the spring, before they grow into the gigantic hardened rack of the adult male deer. Antler velvet is the key to the rapid growth of the giant antler racks that adult male deer are known for, and that are regenerated each and every year. The deer antler velvet is the miraculous substance that allows these mammals to grow an entire skeletal structure of hardened bone that can measure eight feet across in just a few short months, again and again. It's the only living tissue found in the animal kingdom that allows an entire mammalian organ to regenerate its gigantic structure every year.

AntlerX has been formulated with the most powerful deer antler available; New Zealand Red Deer. We chose this deer because it has the largest, fastest growing rack out of deer and have found that this produces the fastest results.

To get the most out of your dedication to the gym, there's no need to resort to steroids or other unsafe, illegal methods. Just choose AntlerX and be amazed by the results.

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