Deer Antler Benefits

Order AntlerX Deer Antler supplements have dramatically grown in popularity over the past ten years. While it has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years, deer velvet has only truly entered the mainstream market since the late 1990s. Just about every demographic is utilizing deer antler velvet for its' amazing health benefits, especially its' bodybuilding and muscle recovery benefits.
Bodybuilding Benefits of Deer Antler Velvet
One of the primary benefits of deer velvet is its' effect on the body's muscles. Deer velvet naturally increases your body's production of IGF-1 (insulin growth-like factor 1), which is directly associated with HGH levels. As your IGF-1 levels increase, your HGH levels will increase as well.

As you take a deer antler velvet supplement, your IGF-1 level will naturally increase. IGF-1 increases the rate at which your muscle cells divide, known as muscle fiber hyperplasia. In other words, IGF-1 helps to increase the overall number of muscle fibers you have. Likewise, IGF-1 helps each individual muscle cell get larger, so your muscles will grow in size. Combined, these two mechanisms help increase your muscle mass and strength.

Deer antler velvet can also help your body's circulation system. This allows more vital nutrients to enter your muscle cells, which have many tiny tears after a strength workout. By allowing more nutrients to reach your torn muscle cells, your muscles can actually heal and grow much faster. The end result is that your recovery time is reduced and your endurance in increased, even after strenuous activity.

Finally, deer velvet has been shown to have positive effects on the body's metabolism. Our metabolism is a series of chemical reactions that are affected by hundreds of different factors. Studies have found that IGF-1 and deer velvet together can effectively boost the body's metabolism to a higher rate. This results in a reduction of body fat mass, but does not reduce your muscle mass. The end result is a thinner, healthier looking body.

Anti-Aging Benefits of Deer Antler

The anti-aging benefits of deer antler are well documented as well. Specifically, deer velvet has been shown to improve joint and bone health among those afflicted with joint pain or inflammation. Deer antler velvet contains two compounds that have powerful inflammatory properties: glucosamine and chondroitin. By taking deer velvet, studies have shown that you can see a significant reduction in joint swelling and inflammation.

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IGF-1 also does facilitate the transportation of nutrients into your muscle cells as well. After a workout, your muscle fibers are actually torn, which means they need nutrients to heal and grow. This rebuilding process is what causes actual muscle growth. IGF-1 helps transport more nutrients into your muscle cells, which means your muscles can heal and grow much faster as well.

Deer velvet has also been shown to improve brain functioning, which is often a sign of aging. Studies done in New Zealand have indicated that deer velvet may help improve focus as well as short and long-term memory. Plus, deer velvet may be able to help users retain information they read or see much easier as well.

Potential Sexual Benefits of Deer Antler

Sexual disorders affect a large percentage of men around the world. Researchers have found that as deer velvet naturally increases IGF-1 levels and HGH, men can see a reduction in the symptoms of sexual disorders and some men have gotten rid of sexual disorders completely. For men without a sexual disorder, deer velvet can still help improve sex drive and even improve sexual performance.

Other Deer Antler Benefits

DeerThere are plenty of other benefits that do not necessarily fit into any of these categories as well. For example, deer velvet has been reported to help improve immune system function and aid the efficiency of the digestive system. Other users of deer velvet have reported: a reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol, improved energy, improved sleep cycle, faster healing of wounds, and reduced symptoms of the menstrual cycle and menopause.

As you can see deer velvet has a large number of health benefits and can dramatically improve your overall health. The best way to take deer velvet is through a deer antler spray and specifically by taking AntlerX.

AntlerX contains 100mgs of high quality deer velvet, which is four times the normal dose of leading competitors. Plus, with AntlerX's proprietary formula, you can experience all of the benefits of deer velvet even faster!

To take AntlerX all you have to do is spray the formula under your tongue twice per day. AntlerX's ingredients will be immediately absorbed through the oral mucosa of the mouth and reach your bloodstream within minutes, bringing you the health benefits you desire faster. This also prevents the active components from being broken down by the digestive system and liver before the body can absorb all the nutrients.

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