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Order AntlerX Deer antler spray is a nutritional supplement that has taken the modern fitness world by storm. Both professional and amateur athletes use this natural product for the positive impact it has on the human body and athletic performance. The purest, most potent forms of spray offer numerous health benefits without the harmful side effects linked to some nutritional supplements.

While deer antler spray is a popular twenty-first century product, its use is rooted in ancient Eastern medicine. Taken from adult Red Deer male animals, antler spray is commonly processed for use in traditional Chinese medicine. In the Western world, nutritional supplementation is the primary use of antler spray.

Sometimes known as deer antler velvet, antler spray is harvested from the adult male population of New Zealand Red Deer. These disease-free farmed animals are known to produce the best quality of antler velvet. All male Red Deer produce antlers, which are typically removed when they are still covered in "velvet." Certified farmers and veterinarians remove the antlers each season to keep the deer from injuring each other, and these removed antlers provide the natural antler velvet used in supplements.

After removal, the antler velvet is processed into various forms including powders, pills and sprays. Athletes often prefer sprays for their rapid absorption and ease of ingestion. Sprays have fat-based delivery systems that hit the bloodstream faster than powder or pill supplements. And, since the product's active ingredient is a natural growth hormone, it is not a steroid or controlled substance, and cannot be detected in standard urine-based tests.

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Deer antler spray is associated with several hormones or "growth factors" that offer health and fitness benefits. Insulin-like growth factor 1, better known as IGF-1, is the most important one. It is the "star" of deer antler velvet, and the principal reason for deer antler velvet's popularity. IGF-1 is a closely related byproduct of human growth hormone (HGH) production in the body. It is a safe, steroid-free substance that promotes muscle growth, enhances performance and improves recovery.

DeerAthletes are not the only ones to benefit from IGF-1. The substance's anti-aging qualities are known to slow down the aging process by repairing sun-damaged skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. In fact, some people believe IGF-1 may be the best supplement for overall health and wellness, even for non-athletic individuals.

Many IGF-1 formulas combine deer antler velvet with proteins and other important nutrients for maximum health benefits. As well as improving athletic performance, deer antler supplements promote heart, bone and joint health; stimulate metabolism; support the immune system; promote prostate health; and improve sexual function, performance and satisfaction.

Today, nutrition labs and online sellers provide public access to the same fitness supplements many professional athletes have used for years. Whether someone is interested in bodybuilding, fitness training, sports performance, or simply anti-aging, deer antler spray can give them the edge they are looking for.

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